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Piesync was a data synchronization application that enabled companies to have two-way synchronization between their cloud applications. Since Hubspot's acquisition of Piesync over two years ago, you may be looking for a competitive alternative to Piesync.

syncblue® offers you a powerful solution for synchronizing your contacts and keeps your data consistent at all times. Hero Image apps.png

The best alternative to PieSync

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Available for new customers
Available to non-HubSpot users


Many telephony-related targets available
GDPR (DSGVO) compliancy focus


No hassle with field mappings

No hassle with bi-directional syncs


Fair price model


Technical Support Chat


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right check green.png ® advantages

Connect all your apps in minutes.

Save time:

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 syncblue helps teams reduce the effort required to perform sales and marketing tasks, as well as human errors caused by manual data entry, so that teams achieve the best possible results.

High efficiency:

syncblue ® seamlessly automates the synchronization of your contact database so that your contacts are available on all your devices and apps.

All contacts in all apps:

syncblue ® helps you save a lot of time maintaining data across different applications

Easy to handle:

Very easy to start with just a few clicks and requires no programming knowledge

Secure and data protection compliant:

syncblue ® is a cloud service manufactured and hosted in Germany. We guarantee the highest privacy practices

Large selection of apps:

You have the option to sync your contacts with numerous apps and new apps are constantly being released based on customer requests.

Experienced team:

The syncblue team has a long and solid industry experience dating back to 2009. We understand your requirements and can develop the best solution for you.


A knowledgeable team will guide you through every step to ensure an optimal experience. You can also get answers to all your questions about syncblue ® in our Help Center .

​ Try it for free:

You can test syncblue ® immediately for 14-days free of charge. Our team will guide you through all configuration steps and guarantee you a high benefit.

Fair price

syncblue ® offers flexible pricing to fit your organization's budget and needs.

Successful with

  1. With and the option of synchronizing CRM/groupware with the telephone system or smartphone, you know who is calling as soon as the doorbell rings! This allows you to be prepared for the conversation, greet the caller personally and start conversations with customers in a more positive (= more successful) way.

  2. Save time on address book maintenance by automatically synchronizing contact information from one software to another and by avoiding errors.

  3. By synchronizing contacts in all your apps, you get a 360° overview of your customers. By successfully synchronizing your contacts on your smartphone and thanks to the possible two-way synchronization, you can also access and edit your company contacts on the go.

How to Create a connection:

The process of creating a connection is very easy:

  1. You select the source. All possible and available interfaces are already suggested to you.

  2. You can then select the destination directly .

  3. Now you can integrate the apps accordingly. To do this, click on Authorize and follow the instructions. By clicking on "Save and test" a connection test to your account will be carried out and the application will be saved in your connection.

  4. Finally, the connection must be configured. You select in which direction the synchronization should be carried out and how often this should happen.


  • Multi-Way Sync:

Connections can sync one-way or both-ways between two apps.

  • Avoiding duplicates:

Before each synchronization process, the contacts of the applications are examined to determine, based on e-mail addresses and names, whether newly created contacts already exist in the other application, thus avoiding duplicates.

  • Synchronization intervals:

When configuring a connection, you can select the interval at which synchronization should be carried out. You can select manual, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Simultaneous synchronization:

You can create any number of connections in your account and choose from all available apps at no extra charge.

What others say about our team

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"We are thrilled across the board!"

Stephanie Becker

(product manager)
German Telephone Standard GmbH

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Max Schroeder

(Technical Product Manager)

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"It just worked great."

Constantine Warrior

(Technical support)

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Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange Connector für STARFACE:®

Finally know who is calling. All contacts from Outlook (connected through Exchange or Microsoft Office 365) in the STARFACE address book. Simple, secure and quickly set up in just two minutes.


DSGVO compliant


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Customer favorite


Made in Germany

Grow with®

The® team helps brands like these to realize their ideas and grow faster.

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