Sync KBMpro contacts easily & securely

Sync all your KBMpro contacts across countless other apps and devices. The secure sync.blue® cloud platform helps you to get this done with just a few clicks. No software installation required.

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Amazing advantages for KBMpro contact sync

Enjoy all these advantages when syncing your KBMpro contacts using sync.blue®.

Create unlimited connections

sync.blue® offers the potential to create limitless connections for KBMpro when it comes to contact syncing. This innovative feature ensures extensive reach, enabling businesses to maintain an updated and synchronized contact list across various platforms.

1-way or 2-way sync selectable

sync.blue® offers versatile functionality with its '1-way or 2-way sync selectable' feature for KBMpro, enabling seamless contact synchronization. This feature ensures that users can effortlessly maintain the integrity and consistency of their contact information across multiple devices and platforms.

24x7 available

sync.blue® ensures that KBMpro's contact syncing function is available on a 24x7 basis, enhancing operational efficiency and performance. It offers constant synchronization, thereby ensuring seamless access to critical information at all times.

No software required

sync.blue® offers a seamless solution for contact syncing in KBMpro, eliminating the need for additional software. It provides an efficient and effortless process, streamlining contact management and enhancing overall productivity.

Scheduled sync

sync.blue® revolutionizes contact syncing for KBMpro with its advanced 'Scheduled sync' function, effectively managing the data synchronization across various platforms without human intervention. This industry-leading technology ensures up-to-date accuracy of contact information, paving the way for improved workflow and business efficiency.

Try for free easily

sync.blue® simplifies the process of trying KBMpro for free, enabling seamless contact syncing across multiple devices. Leveraging its innovative technology, its promise to boost business proficiency and productivity is made effortlessly tangible.

Updates existing contacts

sync.blue® ensures efficient updating of existing contacts in KBMpro, enhancing its synchronization capabilities. It seamlessly merges and updates shared contact information, fostering better communication and streamlined workflow.

Different types of contacts can be synchronized (individuals, companies & more)

sync.blue® enhances KBMpro's contact management by offering seamless synchronization of different types of contacts including individuals, companies and more. This advanced feature allows for efficient updating and tracking of various contact information, streamlining communication processes within the company.

All contacts in all apps and devices

sync.blue® provides a seamless integration for KBMpro, enabling all contacts across various apps and devices to be efficiently synchronized. This software solution ensures streamlined communications and keeps all contact data optimally organized, representing a substantial asset in driving business operations and user satisfaction.

Focus on security & privacy

sync.blue® ensures enhanced security and privacy for KBMpro by securely synchronizing contacts and safeguarding data against unauthorized access. Its advanced encryption and rigorous privacy policies ensure the comprehensive protection of sensitive data during contact syncing.

Universal protocols available (CardDAV, LDAP, CSV)

sync.blue® integrates universally accepted protocols like CardDAV, LDAP, and CSV to streamline contact syncing for KBMpro. This enables efficient, consolidated and updated contact management across various platforms.

Try syncing KBMpro for free

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Popular use cases when syncing KBMpro contacts

If your KBMpro contacts are in sync, there are so many use cases. Just to name the most popular of them:

Click to dial

sync.blue® offers a seamless 'Click to dial' feature for KBMpro, which simplifies contact calling once they're synchronized with a phone book. The contacts can be dialed effortlessly with a single click using the telephony provider's given app or device. The solution provided by sync.blue® with its advanced sync capabilities enhances the ease of communication. Consequently, this feature contributes to maximizing productivity by reducing time spent on manually dialing numbers.

Get a 360 degree overview

sync.blue® provides a 360-degree overview of KBMpro's contact base by consolidating all contacts across multiple platforms into one synchronization system. This bird's eye perspective allows an efficient analysis of the contact base, paving way for better marketing strategies and potential revenue growth. By transforming isolated information silos into a unified contact management landscape, sync.blue® equips businesses with an invaluable tool for exploiting their full contact potential. Through sync.blue®, KBMpro can continually optimize its customer reach and connectivity.

Know who is calling

sync.blue® enables a seamless contact syncing process for KBMpro, empowering businesses with the ability to effectively track incoming calls. The company contacts and the phone book are kept updated and synchronized, thus paving the way for caller names to pop up with incoming calls. Users can hence accomplish personalized communication by addressing the callers by their name, fostering a warm start to any phone conversation. This feature is particularly beneficial to customer interface teams such as sales and customer service, promoting a more approachable, pleasant customer interaction experience.

Remove duplicates

sync.blue® provides an efficient solution to data replication, specifically in contact syncing for KBMpro. With its advanced detection capabilities, it prevents the occurrence of duplicates by identifying existing contacts in a synced target. Instead of creating a new contact, it updates the existing one, streamlining contact management. This safeguards data accuracy and integrity, ultimately enhancing productivity and effectiveness in contact management.

Contacts in sync on all smart phones

sync.blue® provides an efficient solution for contact synchronization across various smart devices, ensuring KBMpro's staff always has access to crucial company contacts. Whether the device is an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad, or a Google device like Nexus or Pixel, contacts can be easily synced. By integrating all important company contacts or even company users, sync.blue® facilitates a seamless communication process. It ensures that users are aware of the caller's identity when the phone rings and enables dialing any synced contacts with just one click.

Easy software migration

sync.blue® revolutionizes the ease of software migration for KBMpro with its innovative contact syncing capabilities. The system enables the seamless migration of data from one software to another without the loss or duplication of contact information. A significant advantage includes the ability to utilize multiple software solutions simultaneously while ensuring a consistent contact base. Consequently, sync.blue® provides an efficient solution to the complications of software migration and data synchronization.

Finally reach out to your contacts

sync.blue® breathes new life into contact outreach for KBMpro, utilizing advanced syncing capabilities to merge leads and customer information from disparate app silos. By unifying this critical data, the platform expands the contact base, significantly bolstering sales and marketing efforts. The result is a marked increase in revenue potential, as an ever-growing number of potential clients are finally within reach. In essence, sync.blue® revolutionizes how KBMpro reaches out to contacts, significantly propelling the company’s marketing potential and financial prosperity.

Mobile data entry

Utilizing sync.blue® for mobile data entry allows for the instant synchronization of contact details across various smartphones, including Apple iPhone, Google, and Microsoft devices. This seamless syncing process extends to groupware and even CRM systems, ensuring real-time updates and efficient data management. By streamlining data entry and unifying diverse platforms, sync.blue® effectively enhances business operations and improves communication flow. This innovative solution not only facilitates mobility, but also boosts productivity and collaboration within businesses.

Sync KBMpro contacts with these apps and devices

Your KBMpro contacts can easily be synced with countless other apps and devices like these.


sync.blue® is a robust and intuitive software solution, designed specifically to seamlessly integrate and synchronize contacts with 3CX, a cutting-edge telecommunications system. Offering superior data accuracy and real-time updates, sync.blue® is the ultimate tool for efficient 3CX contact management.


sync.blue® specializes in harmonizing and managing ActiveCampaign contacts, an essential aspect in bolstering effective marketing automation and CRM. ActiveCampaign's prowess lies in the integration and automation of multiple facets of customer experience, from email marketing to sales force automation.


AGFEO is a renowned German communication technology company specializing in ISDN systems, telecommunications devices, and telecommunication solutions for business. With the help of sync.blue®, data from AGFEO contact databases can be effortlessly synchronized and managed, enhancing efficient communication in businesses.


Sync.blue® provides a perfect solution for synchronizing AGFEOtel's contacts. It's a modern software tool that ensures seamless, efficient, and secure synchronization of all AGFEOtel contacts in a cloud-based storage system.

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Office

sync.blue® features the synchronization of contacts with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Office, a fully integrated cloud-based communication solution. This service provides enterprises with superior tools for messaging, calling, conferencing, and collaborative communication while ensuring new, updated, and deleted contacts are automatically synced across multiple devices.


ALL-INKL is a leading Germany-based hosting and domain service provider that caters to various website needs, ranging from private to enterprise solutions. Utilizing sync.blue®, contacts from ALL-INKL can be effortlessly synchronized, enhancing efficiency and improving overall client management.


Android is an open-source operating system primarily used in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With tools like sync.blue®, one can effortlessly manage, sync, and backup Android contacts, thus ensuring the safekeeping and accessibility of crucial contact information.


Ansitel' is a premier utility that fosters synchronization of contacts, often leveraged in conjunction with partner applications like sync.blue®. By streamlining contact management through real-time syncing and backup, ansitel significantly magnifies users' operational efficiency and ease.


API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols, routines, and tools used for building software applications. When it comes to syncing API contacts, sync.blue® offers flawless integration, optimizing data consistency and fostering seamless interoperability.

Apple iCloud

sync.blue® is a platform that enables seamless synchronization of contacts using Apple iCloud. It ensures a streamlined transfer and updating of contact information across various Apple devices, using the cloud-based storage and sharing capabilities of iCloud.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS is an innovative and efficient operating system used in the technology giant's mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. It provides seamless access to a vast array of features and services, with sync.blue® being an acclaimed solution for syncing Apple iOS contacts.

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone, an innovative device by Apple Inc., is renowned for its advanced features, one of which includes syncing contacts using platforms like sync.blue®. This process ensures a user's contacts are always updated and secured, illustrating why the iPhone remains a leading choice for many.

Apple macOS

Apple macOS is a proprietary, Unix-based operating system developed by Apple Inc. for Macintosh computers. It offers seamless integration with sync.blue® for easy and efficient synchronization of contacts across various Apple devices.

Apple OSX

Apple OSX is an advanced and intuitive operating system developed and designed specifically for Apple's Mac devices. An important feature of the system is its ability to seamlessly sync Apple OSX contacts via platforms like sync.blue® ensuring enhanced accessibility and data management.


sync.blue® is a software application specializing in synchronization of contacts primarily for Asterisk, a powerful open-source software for initiating and receiving calls, conferencing, voicemail, and more over internet protocol. Asterisk, a widely-used communication server by businesses worldwide, possesses advanced functionalities, but syncing contacts requires dedicated solutions like sync.blue®.


Atmail is an advanced email hosting service that focuses on providing solutions for businesses, including efficient synchronization of contacts. Utilizing powerful tools like sync.blue®, Atmail ensures seamless contact integration across multiple devices and platforms.


Avaya is a multinational technology company that specializes in business communications, providing solutions including contact center and unified communications systems for businesses globally. A common SEO focus is on integrating Avaya contacts with tools like sync.blue® to ensure seamless data synchronization and superior customer service.


The AVM FRITZ!Box is a versatile networking device, functioning as a router and a telephone system, renowned for its capacity to efficiently sync contact data. Utilizing sync.blue® software, users can effortlessly synchronize AVM FRITZ!Box contacts, enhancing convenience and productivity in both personal and professional settings.


Baikal is a lightweight, open-source syncing server that securely centralizes your calendars and contacts in one place. With sync.blue®, users can seamlessly sync and manage their Baikal contacts across multiple devices for improved efficiency and organization.


sync.blue® is a software that facilitates the synchronization of your Box contacts ensuring seamless data integration and management. Box is a highly secure, cloud-based content management and file sharing service for businesses, providing easy access to documents across any devices.


Sync.blue® is a service that uses CardDAV, a protocol allowing for the exchange of contact data online. Providing an efficient way to synchronize and manage your CardDAV contacts across different devices, sync.blue® ensures your information is always up-to-date and accessible.


CleverReach® is a comprehensive, web-based tool for creating, managing and analyzing email marketing campaigns. Combined with sync.blue®, it automatically updates your CleverReach contacts, ensuring that valuable customer data is always up to date and synchronized.


CloudYa' is a comprehensive contact management solution that seamlessly integrates with sync.blue®, ensuring efficient synchronization of all cloud-based contacts. The advanced platform allows users to manage, access, and sync contacts across multiple devices, bolstering productivity and collaboration.


corpoTel is a professional digital service geared towards a seamless synchronization of corpoTel contacts. Through platforms like sync.blue®, corpoTel streamlines interaction in corporate environments by providing reliable, secure, and efficient solutions for contact management.


CSV, an abbreviation for Comma Separated Values, is a simple file format that is used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. CSV contacts are commonly synchronized using platforms like sync.blue®, ensuring seamless data exchange and efficient organization of contacts' information.


sync.blue® is a dynamic platform that specializes in the synchronization of contacts, especially in the realm of DATEV, a software service provider primarily used in Germany for accounting and tax consultation. By seamlessly merging both digital landscapes, sync.blue® offers automated and efficient contact synchronization between different systems, enhancing productivity and minimizing data discrepancies within DATEV.


DAVx' is a powerful tool, enabling seamless synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks from your sync.blue® account across multiple devices. With its emphasis on secure, efficient data management, it renders managing DAVx contacts a hassle-free experience.

Deutsche Telefon Tk-Anlage CentrexX

sync.blue® is a technology used for synchronizing Deutsche Telefon Tk-Anlage CentrexX contacts, simplifying the management and access of contact information. The Deutsche Telefon Tk-Anlage CentrexX refers to a German phone system designed to allow individuals or businesses to easily handle all their telecommunication requirements.


Facilioo® is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and simplify the process of contact management, particularly in syncing these contacts for optimal organisation. The sync.blue® technology powers this efficiency, ensuring a seamless and reliable syncing process for all Facilioo® users.


Fruux is a versatile platform that offers reliable synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks across different devices. The system, enhanced by sync.blue® technology, provides an efficient solution for managing and updating contacts seamlessly, irrespective of the device in use.


GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that enables businesses to create, send, and track marketing emails, automate workflows, sell products online, and build landing pages. In efforts to streamline and enhance marketing strategies, sync.blue® offers services specifically designed to sync GetResponse contacts seamlessly, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


Gigaset is a communications technology company known for its innovative solutions, particularly those designed for telephony products such as cordless phones. One popular feature is the ability to sync Gigaset contacts using various platforms, including the advanced sync.blue® system for efficient, streamlined contact management.

Google Contacts

sync.blue® is a feature that seamlessly integrates Google Contacts, enabling users to effortlessly synchronize their contacts across multiple devices. This tool ensures all important contacts are easily accessible and up-to-date, enhancing communication efficiency via Google Contacts.

Google GMail

Google Gmail is a globally utilized, free email service developed by Google, offering impressive storage capacity, easy organization of messages, and effective spam filters. Special features such as the ability to sync with applications like sync.blue®, for seamless coordination of Google Gmail contacts, enhance user convenience and productivity.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus is a line of consumer electronics that run the Android operating system, developed by Google in partnership with select original equipment manufacturers. This product line, which utilizes sync.blue® technology, is notable for its seamless synchronization of contacts and other data across Google Nexus devices.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is a line of consumer electronic devices developed by Google, including smartphones that feature high-quality cameras, a long battery life, and deep integration with Google's apps and services. Google Pixel devices offer exceptional contact syncing capabilities through platforms such as sync.blue®, ensuring your important contacts and data are always accessible and up-to-date.


GSuite is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google, which includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and more. Focusing on syncing GSuite contacts, companies like sync.blue® offer solutions that allow seamless integration and unified access to contact information across all GSuite services.


sync.blue® integrates with Hornet.email, a dependable email hosting service equipped with advanced features for seamless communication. The synchronization capability ensures optimal management and utilization of Hornet.email contacts for businesses.


Hotmail, now known as Outlook, is a free web-based email service owned by Microsoft, widely used for personal and professional correspondence. sync.blue® provides a seamless syncing service, allowing users to effortlessly synchronize their Hotmail contacts across multiple devices.


HubSpot is a leading platform that offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a focus on inbound strategy. A significant feature is the ability to sync contacts between HubSpot and other devices or applications using services like sync.blue®.


sync.blue® collaborates with INOPLA's software focus, allowing seamless syncing of INOPLA's user contacts. INOPLA, in combination with sync.blue®, provides an efficient and streamlined solution for contact synchronization.


Klick-Tipp is a German-based email marketing service provider, specializing in providing businesses with automation tools for managing contacts and increasing marketing efficiency. To aid in its functionality, sync.blue® offers a synchronization service, lining up Klick-Tipp contacts across different platforms and applications.


LDAP, an acronym for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a standard application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an internet protocol (IP) network. Essential in many corporate environments, sync.blue® effectively streamlines the process of synchronizing LDAP contacts in a user-friendly and highly efficient manner.


LinkedIn is a social networking platform primarily used by professionals and corporations for career development and hiring purposes. With tools like sync.blue®, it is possible to sync LinkedIn contacts, making connections easily accessible and manageable.


Sync.blue® is a comprehensive tool designed for seamlessly syncing MailChimp contacts, helping businesses streamline their email marketing efforts. MailChimp is essentially a web-based email marketing service which allows businesses to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results effectively.


sync.blue® is an advanced feature of Mailify, a renowned email marketing software, that allows seamless synchronization of contacts between different platforms. This innovative technology ensures businesses can manage and organize their Mailify contact lists efficiently, promoting effective email marketing strategies.


Mailjet is an all-in-one email service provider that enables businesses to create, send, and track marketing and transactional emails. With sync.blue®, Mailjet's contact synchronization feature, it efficiently allows an optimal two-way integration of contacts between various platforms and systems.

Microsoft 365

sync.blue® provides a seamless synchronization service for Microsoft 365, an expansive suite of productivity apps and services by Microsoft. It simplifies, among other things, syncing Microsoft 365 contacts, ensuring up-to-date contact information across multiple platforms and devices.

Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox

sync.blue® offers a solution for syncing Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox contacts, enhancing collaborative efforts among users. A Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox is a free feature of Office 365 that functions like a regular mailbox, yet allows multiple users to read and send emails from a common account.

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is a directory service developed for Windows domain networks, providing a centralized location for network administration and security. When integrated with sync.blue®, it enables seamless synchronization of Microsoft Active Directory contacts, thereby ensuring consistency and accuracy in contact details across various platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

sync.blue® offers a feature that allows for seamless synchronization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 contacts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a collaborative platform often employed by businesses, allowing users to centralize their emails, tasks, contacts, and calendar appointments. Specialized apps such as sync.blue® utilize this platform to enable seamless synchronization of Microsoft Exchange contacts across multiple devices.

Microsoft Graph API

Sync.blue® utilizes Microsoft Graph API, a robust platform that integrates and manipulates data from various Microsoft 365 sources such as Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive. This sophisticated tool seamlessly synchronizes Microsoft Graph API contacts, providing an invaluable tool for maintaining harmonized data across all applications.

Microsoft Office 365

sync.blue® is a synchronization tool that enhances the operational efficiency of Microsoft Office 365 by seamlessly synchronizing contacts across multiple devices. By integrating with Microsoft Office 365, the platform ensures that all your contacts are consistently up-to-date, fostering improved communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft, primarily used as an email application that also encompasses a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taking, journal, and web browsing. Sync.blue® provides a seamless solution for syncing Microsoft Outlook contacts, ensuring all important data and connections are readily accessible across multiple devices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a central hub for workspace conversations, collaborative meetings, and file sharing, integrating with Office 365 tools. With its synchronization capabilities, Microsoft Teams can use services like sync.blue® to seamlessly integrate and manage contacts, supporting effective and efficient business communication.


MOCO' is a software solution that enables efficient management of contacts, projects, and tasks. By leveraging syncing technology from sync.blue®, MOCO users can keep all their contacts synchronized, updated, and easily accessible across multiple platforms.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open-source email client that also includes features such as news feeds, chat, and calendar capabilities. For syncing Mozilla Thunderbird contacts, services like sync.blue® provide an efficient and secure solution.


MyCRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management system aiding businesses in effective management and synchronization of customer contacts. sync.blue® is a critical feature of MyCRM, enabling seamless integration and synchronization of contact information across various platforms.


sync.blue® is a comprehensive solution for seamlessly integrating and syncing Nextcloud contacts across multiple platforms. It offers an efficient and secure method for businesses and individuals utilizing Nextcloud' to streamline their digital workflow and improve productivity.


Sync.blue® is a service that supports the synchronization of NFON contacts, facilitating seamless communication within a professional network. NFON is an esteemed Cloud Telephone System from Germany, prioritizing convenient contact management through services like sync.blue®.

o2 digital phone

sync.blue® is a comprehensive tool used for synchronizing contacts and other data from o2 digital phones. With high-end security features, it delivers seamless synchronization of essential information stored on o2 digital phone devices.


Outlook.com® is a renowned web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services provided by Microsoft. The platform offers syncing capabilities, allowing users to sync their contacts with devices via sync.blue®, ensuring seamless accessibility and organization of contacts.


ownCloud is an open-source software that allows one to create a personal cloud storage service for file sharing and syncing, with a special emphasis on syncing ownCloud contacts. Utilizing the sync.blue® technology, it provides an effective solution for a secure and private means of storing, syncing, and accessing data.


sync.blue® is a platform that synchronizes Pascom contacts seamlessly across multiple devices and applications. It efficiently handles the task of updating, importing, and exporting contact information rapidly, making it a powerful tool for businesses requiring consistent access to their Pascom contact data.


Sync.blue® is an innovative software that seamlessly integrates with Personio to ensure effective synchronization of contacts across various platforms. It provides a streamlined solution for businesses aiming to optimize their HR processes, making Personio contact management more efficient and hassle-free.


sync.blue® PhoneSuite is a software solution designed to synchronize contact information between various platforms and devices. This innovative technology ensures seamless and error-free data transfer, making it an essential tool for effective contact management.


Pipedrive is a CRM platform that facilitates the management of sales pipelines and enhances performance tracking. sync.blue® accentuates this functionality by offering seamless synchronization of Pipedrive contacts, fostering improved accessibility and data management.


sync.blue® is a pioneering system that assists in streamlining contact synchronization and management for Placetel, a leading VoIP telecommunication service. This innovative solution facilitates efficient contact synchronization between Placetel and other applications, optimizing communication processes in businesses and organizations.


Plusnet is a UK-based internet service provider offering broadband, landline, digital television, and mobile services. Users looking to integrate their Plusnet contacts can rely on sync.blue® services, the top-tier software solution for secure and efficient data synchronization.


Sync.blue® is a comprehensive service utilized for synchronizing contacts via the Radicale platform. Radicale is an open-source CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server solution, allowing users to coordinate and manage contacts and appointments across devices.


Rapidmail is an email marketing management software platform that allows businesses to streamline their contact management processes. With a unique feature to integrate with sync.blue®, it enables users to seamlessly sync their Rapidmail contacts for enhanced marketing automation and efficiency.


RingCentral is a globally recognized cloud-based communication system that unifies voice, video meetings, team messaging, and more. With sync.blue®, RingCentral users can seamlessly integrate and sync their RingCentral contacts and other vital data across their devices.


sync.blue® is a software solution that integrates with Salesforce, a highly popular customer relationship management platform, enabling seamless synchronization of contacts. By using sync.blue®, businesses can automate and optimize their contact management process, driving efficiency, productivity, and streamlined operations.


sendinblue is a digital marketing platform designed to aid businesses in the automation, management, and monitoring of their email marketing campaigns. It leverages advanced technology like sync.blue® to effectively synchronize and manage their client contact lists and audience segmentation.


sync.blue® is an integral service for synchronizing contact information stored on the Shopify platform which is a leading e-commerce solution, allowing businesses to create online stores and sell products. The seamless synchronization offered by sync.blue® provides businesses the ability to ensure valuable contact data from their Shopify customer base is always current and accurate.


sync.blue® is a feature-rich platform that empowers Sipgate users to synchronize their contacts effortlessly across various devices and applications. Leveraging secure, reliable technology, sync.blue® enhances the utility of Sipgate by offering seamless contact syncing services to ensure uninterrupted communication and collaboration.


sync.blue® is a software solution that enables efficient synchronisation of contacts between various platforms, specifically optimized for snom equipment. This technology simplifies the centralization of contact data, technically enhancing the utility of snom's VOIP telephony hardware.


sync.blue® is a powerful tool that allows for seamless synchronization of contacts from STARFACE, a widely utilized VoIP business communication system. This innovative solution simplifies the process of ensuring all STARFACE contacts are efficiently updated and accessible across different platforms and devices.


sync.blue® is an advanced software solution that seamlessly integrates SWYX contacts for a streamlined workflow across various devices. It provides an enhanced user experience through its ability to sync and manage SWYX contacts effectively, allowing businesses to leverage their communications systems efficiently.


Sync.blue® is a software that allows for efficient contact syncing from Synology devices. Being a leading solution for this purpose, it ensures all Synology contacts are easily and securely updated across multiple systems in real-time.

Telekom NetPhone

Telekom NetPhone, a revolutionary service offered by German telecommunications company Telekom, allows Internet telephone communication and facilitates the synchronization of contacts. The feature is enhanced by sync.blue®, a cutting-edge solution that makes the management and transfer of contacts seamless and efficient.


UCware is a software solution designed for effective management and syncing of contacts, ensuring effortless and efficient communication within the business environment. With sync.blue®, the UCware software interface enables precise synchronization of various contact databases, significantly enhancing the communication potential of businesses.


Unify' is an innovative feature provided by sync.blue® designed to streamline the synchronization of contact information across multiple platforms. This tool ensures accurate and efficient contact management for users by merging and unifying all contacts into one comprehensive, easily accessible system.


weclapp is a cloud-based ERP software solution that aids in managing various business processes, particularly specializing in syncing weclapp contacts through sync.blue®. sync.blue® is a robust platform leveraged to efficiently align and handle contacts of this topnotch tool.

Windows Live

Windows Live, now transitioned to Outlook.com, was one of Microsoft's ventures into the realm of internet services, offering an interconnected suite of tools and platforms such as email, instant messaging, and data sharing. A distinctive feature was its ability to sync Windows Live contacts utilizing software like sync.blue®, offering a seamless user experience across multiple capable devices.


XELION is an advanced unified communications platform that offers capabilities such as voice calls, video conferencing, and contact management. The sync.blue® service allows seamless synchronization of contacts from XELION, making it highly effective in managing and retrieving information.


XING is a career-oriented social networking site primarily used by professionals from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With the help of tools like sync.blue®, users can effectively synchronize their XING contacts to their devices for easy access and management.


sync.blue® is a technology solution that enhances contact synchronization capabilities with Yealink devices. It facilitates efficient and seamless connection and sharing of contact details across multiple Yealink devices, ensuring a streamlined communication experience.

Zoiper PRO

Zoiper PRO is a premium version of the Zoiper software that enables users to manage and synchronize their VoIP contacts seamlessly. It boasts advanced compatibility with sync.blue®, offering streamlined synchronization between your device and the VoIP service.

About KBMpro

KBMpro is an app that offers a comprehensive range of features and tools designed to enhance productivity and organization. With KBMpro, users can efficiently manage their tasks, schedules, and notes all in one place. The app also provides seamless integration with sync.blue®, a cloud platform that allows users to effortlessly sync their contacts with KBMpro. By utilizing sync.blue®, users can keep their contacts up to date across multiple devices and platforms. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, KBMpro is a powerful tool for individuals looking to streamline their organizational processes.