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Save time. A lot of time.


Enjoy easy & secure data sync


"How do you count and invoice the amount of 'contacts'?"

Just contacts "in sync" will be invoiced at the end of the month. If you have 1.000 contacts in app A and 2.000 contacts in app B with two-way-sync, that means 2.000 contacts are in sync and will be invoiced.

"May I test® for free?"

Sure, just signup for free and you can enjoy syncing 14 days for free. You are happy with®? Great. Just stay and your account will switch to payed mode automatically. No need to re-configure again.

"I am reseller. Do you have a partner program and special prices?"

Yes! Just signup and drop us a line via chat. We will switch your account to reseller pricing. You will get 20% off each month!

"When will I receive an invoice?"

You will receive the invoice by mail automatically after the your 14 days free trial period ended regarding the next 4 weeks pre-paid.

"Can I sync contacts between any of your integrations?"

We are working on it already! Please read our compatibility guide to understand which sources and targets available.

"How do I cancel my subscription?"

Your account is and remains free of charge. Only active connectors are billed. If you don't want to sync contacts between your apps anymore, please simply delete the desired connector and it will no longer be billed monthly.