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For software vendors

Nice that you're here! We have an exciting topic that we can both grow on together. Let's keep it short:

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...are today the key to win more end customers, partners and cooperations in a shorter time. And thus more sales.


Integrations often help to:

+20% more sales

15-25% fewer terminations

Annoyingly, it only costs an incredible amount of effort to take care of the production and maintenance of interfaces to third-party systems in addition to your own core product...

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The solution:®® provides countless integrations for your software without demanding your development team: Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, Apple, Google and many other systems such as groupware, CRM, ticketing or webshop,...

New integrations are added every week!

Industry giants such as Placetel, weclapp and STARFACE already offer their resellers and end customers umpteen integrations with the help of®! 

Group 2608638 (1).png® does all this for you as a vendor

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Providing tons of important integrations - new ones added every week!

Long-term maintenance of all integrations

Development of the interface to your software

Assistance in marketing new integrations

Training for sales and support

Support for end customers and resellers  


When do you or a colleague have 10 minutes?

...just to talk about a possible cooperation in an uncomplicated and non-binding way?

Oliver Baltz

Founder and CEO

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