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Nice that you are here as an IT distributor! We at® have an exciting topic with which we can both grow tremendously together. Shortly:


Looking for a missing block for die Distribution?


Are you already selling cloud services for resellers?

Then you know exactly that your reseller customers are already urgently looking for a solution to integrate them intelligently and without servers: e.g. all customer contacts should be available in all cloud services (e.g. Outlook + telephone system, CRM + Outlook,...) .

How nice would it be if you could offer exactly this missing component, matching the current cloud portfolio?

In this way, not only your resellers generate secure monthly income, but also you as an IT distributor!

The solution:®® provides countless integrations from the cloud for the cloud & on-premise: Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, Apple, Google and many other systems such as groupware, CRM, ticketing or webshop,...

New integrations are added every week !

Industry giants such as Placetel, weclapp and STARFACE already offer their resellers and end customers umpteen integrations with the help of®! 

icons8-aktualisieren-250 (1).png® does all of this for <PARTNERS>


✔ Providing tons of important integrations - new ones added every week!

✔ Long-term maintenance of all integrations
✔ Support in marketing new integrations

✔ Provision of a booking interface

✔ Training for sales and support
✔ Technical Support 

When do you or a Team colleague have 10 minutes?

baltz4_edited.jpg simply show you® online?

Oliver Baltz

Founder and CEO

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