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Everything is turning blue! Get to know the future now: 🎉

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

This is®

Finally,® is available for everyone and integrates countless apps like Android, Apple, CardDAV, GMail, Google Contacts, Google Workspace Directory, iCloud, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Placetel, STARFACE, weclapp and many more. New apps are added every week!

Your benefits

Thanks® you have...

  • all contacts in all apps

  • always all contacts in your pocket (thanks to smartphone synchronization)

  • Saved an extremely large amount of time in manual data maintenance in multiple apps

  • no duplicate contacts anymore

  • the name of the caller is already shown on the phone and mobile display when it rings

  • more customers in your newsletter recipient list

  • contacts in your app even after software change (CRM. operating system, smartphone,..)

  • software and server costs saved, as everything is simply and securely provided by us via a cloud service in Germany.

The result was®. .

With® we combine all previous possibilities of our team to synchronize contacts between CRM and telephone, CRM and smartphone, CRM and ERP and many more in a fully automated and regular way.® is therefore the logical and state-of-the-art successor of:

  • sab4ISDN (2004),

  • Address Book Connector for STARFACE (2017) and

  • phonebridge CONTACTS (2019).

Thanks to® contacts...

  • between any apps (and not only phone systems),

  • even in both directions (bidirectional),

  • merged from multiple apps

  • unified with existing contacts,

  • without high investment costs and

  • without additional modules/changes in the connected apps.

  • sicher und langfristig synchronisiert werden.

With safety

As a cloud service, can be secure? yes!

  • German providers ( by phonebridge GmbH)

  • German data protection (DSGVO)

  • External professional data protection officer

  • German data center

  • SSL-encrypted communication on all levels

  • No intermediate storage of synchronized contacts (maximum contact IDs)

Ready for partners as well

Telephony providers, resellers, affiliate partners, distributors are welcome to contact us via live chat. After a short introduction you will get an access to® for you and your customers.


For all questions we are available here live in chat. We will also be happy to call you back if you wish ;-)

All clear? Give it a try!

Create a free account here and test® 14 days for free

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